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With classEx you can conduct interactive surveys and classroom experiments. Students log in with their mobile device (smartphone or notebook) and can participate interactively in the lecture. Results are shown instantly on the presentation screen of the lecturer with intuitive graphs. Quizzes and spontaneous tests can be integrated into lectures or presentations of all academic disciplines. classEx can be used in political science to simulate polls or elections, psychologists can test the effect of roles and scenarios and economists can assess the strategic interaction in markets and the whole world of behavioral economics.

General Introduction

Find general information on classEx and the many advantages it offers for teaching and research.

If you want to get a quick impression of how you can use classEx in a lecture or for research take a look at these videos.


Find out how to get started and get some practical tips.


Find out how to use classEx as a participant.


Find out which functions are available on the starting screen displayed when entering classEx as a lecturer.

Lecture Mode

Find out how to run games and experiments and display the results in the Lecture Mode.

Editing Mode

Find out how to change all relevant configurations of a game, create new games and copy games in the Editing Mode.


Find out about the wide range of existing games classEx offers. Every experiment can be replicated and adapted by the lecturer.


Find out which Elements you can use when creating a game

Tool Comparison

Find out here how classEx compares to other tools for classroom and lab experiments.


classEx@school is a project with the Joachim Herz foundation to adapt classEx for highschool teaching. More information about the project can be found here (in German).

If you want to use classEx for school we are happy to inform you also via

New Features

  • Sept 15th 2015: The login page was restructured. Prior to selecting the course, the respective institution has to be selected.
  • April 8th 2015: All Elements in the Editing Mode are directly linked to the wikipage which provides explanation of the different features.

Version and Terms of Use

Current Version: 3.4.4 beta

Please notice that classEx is still a beta version.

classEx is constantly being improved. Users are being added and are delivering results to existing experiments. Further experiments are being designed and made available. Likewise, the functionality is continuously being revised and updated.

If you have any questions, support issues or want to report bugs, please mail to

Terms of Use