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Lecturers are required to register in order to use classEx. Please fill in the registation form you can find here. Registered users receive a password via e-mail and hereby obtain the right of unlimited and cost-free use of classEx for teaching, further education and research (for details please see terms of use). Students do not need to register but are involved anonymously as participants in lectures and presentations.



The website displays an input screen to lecturers and students. First of all, the university needs to be selected. Next, the class or teaching unit needs to be chosen. Lecturers, students or individuals entrusted with the payoff chose their corresponding mode, enter the password and log in. Following features are available:

Students and Particpants

Students can participate interactively in a lecture or a presentation by logging in as a “participant”. They do not need to register and remain anonymous. The lecturer choses the password and provides this to the students. More information can be found here.


Lecturers (users) who want to actively involve their students, log in as “lecturer”. They receive their password via e-mail upon registration. Lecturers can either enter the Lecture Mode and start games and quizzes or enter the Editing Mode and adapt games or create new ones.

Administrative staff

Individuals entrusted with the payoff can enter the Administration Mode in order to disburse the monetary payoff. This task can be delegated to a trustworthy person by the lecturer.

Identification of subjects in the system

Internal ID

By default, subjects are completely anonymous in classEx. classEx creates a unique internal ID for each subject that logs in. This ID is generated randomly and does not allow any inference about the identity of the subject. It serves as a mean to be able to analyse the data and compare behaviour of subjects across different games if you play several in one session.

External ID

Should it be required, you also have several possibilities to identify subjects in the system.

Ticket: You can provide participants with a personalised ticket to log-in to classEx. This way you can ensure that participants only take part on one device and also track the actions of specific participants. You simply need to add &tic= to the URL. The ticket is saved to the player data and can be retrieved as $tic; in the game.

Ask for data during the game: At a certain stage, or after the end of the game, you can ask participants to enter their personal data or an ID you provide them with.

During login: You can change the settings so that participants are asked for certain data before they log-in. For this, go to "course data" and click on additional settings. You can then enter what you would like participants to enter before logging in.

Here is an example:


And this is what it looks like for participants before login:


Practical tips

The following hints should give you some advice to avoid problems when using classEx especially the first time.

Information upfront for students (e.g. via email)

• Students have to bring a device that has internet access to class, preferably a smart phone, but a tablet or laptop computer also work.

• The devise has to have enough battery left (suggest to bring a charger).

• The browser they use should be up-to-date.

Before the course

• Make sure that you are not logged into your account on another computer (e.g. in your office). You can not log into the system from two different computers at the same time.

Before you start

• Make sure you have a stable internet connection as a lecturer. The best option is with a cable.

• It is best not to use the same connection (e.g. wifi) as the participants in case the network slows down.

• The ideal browser to use is Mozilla firefox (in a current version). Javascript has to be turned on and cookies allowed (normally default setting).

Information for students in the course

• Students need to stay logged in until the experiment is over.

• Students need to close all the apps. Having other apps open might log students out.

• If the experiment has already started (and some decisions have already been entered), students might not be able to join the experiment any more.

• If students are chosen randomly to receive their payoff, they should screenshot their winner's notification to be sure to receive their payoff.

During the experiments

• If you accidentally close the browser, no problem. Just open it again. Normally you should be still logged in. Otherwise just log in again.

• In case you want to logout all participants, just press the logout all participants button in the "course data" section.

• Note that there is no way back if you continue to feedback or next round/session.

• If your game has several rounds / stages, make sure to stay in the first round long enough, as this is where students are matched.

After the experiment

• You can download the excel files containing the data of the game.

• If you want to go back to compare the current results with old ones or ones in different courses, click on “previous results”.

Password forgotton

• If you have forgotton your password, you can simply click on the little "get a new password" button underneath the login button. You only need to enter your email address with which you registered.