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General Information

Elements are the modules of each stage. A stage has two areas in which you can add modules: participants and lecturer.

You can chose from text elements, input elements (numerical input, likert scales, …), programme elements and output elements (histograms, bar charts, …). These can be combined and arranged as you like.

Tip: Input and output elements should be located in different stages in order to collect all input in the first stage. Then, the lecturer can synchronise the game and turn to the output elements in the next stage.

Element Number The elements are numbered (E1, E2, …). This also defines the order of display in a stage. Elements can be moved within a stage by pressing on the arrows Updown.JPG.
Element Type and Help Beside the number of the element, you can see the element type. Clicking on the info button next to the element type leads you to the respective description in this wiki.
Groups, Treatments and Roles If you have defined groups, treatments or roles, you can also choose whether the element shall be displayed for all groups, treatments or roles.
Delete Element You can delete the element by pressing Rubbish.JPG.
Copy Element You can copy an element by pressing Copyelement.JPG.
Cut and Paste You can cut and paste an element by pressing Cut.JPG.
Display Conditions You can specify the display conditions for an element by pressing Brille.JPG.

Elements for participants can be inserted by clicking on Addnewel.JPG. In the following, the elements are described in detail.

Elements for participants

Screenshot Name Brief description
Tbnewnew.JPG Text Box Element to display text (including variables)
Inputfield.PNG Input Element In this element you can insert several input fields.
Codenew.JPG Program Code Program snippets can be implemented to calculate results for each subjects.
Winner.PNG Winner's Notification If a game is played with real payoffs, this element displays the payoff code to participants. (only works together with winners' draw)
Matrixpay.JPG Payoff Matrix Game This is a special element for matrix games.
Contract participant.JPG Contract This element allows participants to make contracts
Camera.png Camera This element allows participants to make a photo of themselves.
Refer.JPG Element Reference A reference can be used to reuse elements and thereby avoid redundant elements.
Javascript Program javascript snippets to implement more flexibly

Elements for lectureres

Elements for the lecturer are generally only displayed on the lecturer’s screen which is usually projected to a wall for all participants to see. The start button, text boxes, elements for payoff calculations and output displays are typical elements for the lecturer.

Screenshot Name Brief description
Tblec.JPG Text Box Element to display text (including varibales) on the lecturers' screen.
Startt.JPG Start Button A Start Button is needed to start a stage. You can also set an automatic start here.
Draw.JPG Winners' Draw If a game is played with real payoffs, this element draws the winners (only works togehter with winner's notification).
Codenew.JPG Global Program Progam snippets can be implemented to calculate results on the global level for all participants.
Randomdraw.PNG Lecturer Discrete Choice Lecturer Discrete Choice allows the lecturer to input data in the course of the game
Contracttable.JPG Contract table Contract tables give you an overview of contracts concluded by the participants.
Refer.JPG Element Reference An reference can be used to reuse elements and thereby avoid redudant elements.
Ress.JPG Result Element Different Result Elements like Pie Chars, Line Charts, Histograms... are available.